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Leshan Jinkouhe District  
---A New Star by Dadu River

    Jinkouhe District locates in the southwest of Sichuan , on the south of Mt. Emei, in the middle of Xiaoliangshan Mountain. It is 138 km away from Leshan central district,  The communication network of China Telecom.  

    Jinkouhe District is abundant in mineral resources like phosphorite, The Jinko Big Ravine in this region is reputed as “Animal Kingdom” and “National Geological Museum”. In 2001, the Ministry of Land and Resources entitled it “National Geological Park”, in October 2005, it was entitled one of the most beautiful bravine in China by Chinese Academy of Science Geographical Science and Resources Reseach Center and Chinese Geographical Society together.   


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Chrysostom Grand Canyon, west to Jinkouhe frozen river Ouse


Starting from Chengdu, after nearly four hours by car, Dadu Chrysostom will appear in front of the Grand Canyon. Into this magnificent and spectacular, dangerous magic of the natural quiet Grand Canyon, dry around rocks. 10 000 peaks have sight. 
Chrysostom Grand Canyon, west to Jinkouhe frozen river Ouse, across Sichuan Province, Leshan City, Jinkouhe District, Yaan City, Sichuan ganluo Hanyuan and Liangshan Prefecture. It is 30 km in length, grain width of less than 200 meters deep valley but up to 2600 meters. Canyon sides suddenly picks up, dangerous rock towers, to create various pictographic landscape, it seems people like animals, lifelike, heavy piles of mountains, the tree shade, waterfalls ups, all kinds of Shanhua weeds contests, and the formation of a Road, magnificent scenery, Sentiment extraordinary natural elegance.   


Originated in the northwestern plateau of the Dadu River, known to evil raging, roaring its Pentium, blew out. Is it created this spectacular gorge, stunning scenery. According to geological experts, the strong movement in the new structure under the influence of the continuous lifting of the crust, while cutting down the valley continue to the end of this form can be comparable to the gorge with the Yangtze River Three Gorges landscape.
From halfway up the mountain to watch the Dadu River water is so clear, soft, yet down to the bottom, gentle river becomes unruly the horse, galloped in among the mountains, sent bursts of Ju Hou, looked up, the sky clustered line. Cliff sides, such as knife ax general, mountain marked on the fold, bedding is clear, recorded here for more than 10 million years of geological evolution history.   

Westbound along the Dadu River, saw both sides of the cliff by the more closer, more and more quiet scene, unknowingly in the midst of the valley city of Leshan, Yaan City, and the polar bear parting groove. White Bear valley more than 2,000 meters deep, long 4000 10, with ‘thin strip of sky’ most famous attractions: the valley between two mountains are only separated by more than 20 10 looked up and the sky seemed to be a small bamboo.


In the Grand Canyon’s north shore, stands the great elevation of 3236 10-watt mountain. This is an M Triassic basalt of Pingdingshan, geological structure and Emei Shan, Wawushan the same, but the two are completely the same below, large tiles are surrounded by mountain cliffs of the Lonely Mountain, elevation up to 800 10 1000 10. Peak area of about a stone platform square kilometers, and ancient trees, forceful open, afar, such as an unexpected empty towel towers, the scene of the spectacular, better than Mount Emei, Wawushan edge.  
    Leshan to Chrysostom River is 130 kilometers, 100 kilometers Leshan to Ebian County, Ebian to Jinkouhe is 28 kilometers to the Grand Canyon Jinkouhe 15 kilometers, I was local, Jinkouhe Grand Canyon has a farm Le <Tao Lin> Villa, edible, live entertainment, good food mound mound of meat, levers wine, Yongsheng bacon, old shade tea, the most characteristic is Yongsheng bacon, the bacon is used in the natural mountain the growth of pigs after 3 months of food special pickled, their meat is not very bright, Hong and fat greasy piece of meat can be as large as 1 × 8 × 14mm is memorable after eating, was full of praise. There are wild …… inexpensive, 40 / day, or to Jinkouhe live, that price may be your point, there you are with because, haha, in March the cherry is more suitable buses. 
    If you want to say anything else to the Grand Canyon adventure travel, the line how to get it? Starting from Chengdu, go into the music highway, estimated to one hour by car, soon to Leshan. Then, continue to work towards the direction of travel towards Emei, a journey of about 30 km, are country-level road, went to the Ebian County, then into Chrysostom River region. At this time, there are two roads to choose one from Jinkouhe proceed forward along the Dadu River, all the way to go look at Canyon. Another way is to start from Jinkouhe toward the direction of a large tile mountain backdrop through a place called the Heavenly Lake, ventilation, rest, and then climb to the top large tile hill. In addition, Guan Cun Dam Station is the first of a tunnel in the railway station, Chengdu, South Railway Station every day (8:56 am to open) bound for the 8619 general meeting in the male (15:16 to) stop, visitors can get off to a canyon sightseeing.  
    Chrysostom Creek is located in the small Liangshan area, adjacent to the Ebian Yi Autonomous County, in addition to food mound mound has Yi meat, levers wine, roast suckling pig endures the most characteristic is Yongsheng bacon, the bacon is used in the natural mountain The special grain growth of pickled pigs, the meat and fat, Hong Liang is not very greasy, very fresh after the memorable, full of praise.  

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